The anticipation builds for many seniors in high school as the days get closer to graduation. Parents are excited for their children to experience the next chapter in life despite being nervous about their safety and success in college. But for some of us parents, the sign of graduation forms a dark cloud that has been building over the years as our adolescent is not ready for the traditional path to adulthood.

We fear the amount of freedom, accountability, and responsibility that goes along with independent living will lead our young adults to make poor choices that affect their safety and well-being. But with a little research and the help of a young adult transition program, struggling emerging young adults can gain the independence and fulfillment we all want for our children.

What Is A Young Adult Transition Program?

Making the jump into adulthood for any young adult can be daunting. But for some adolescents aged 17-26, taking that step is even harder. Young adult transition programs provide a solution for adolescents that struggle with communication, social and romantic relationships, problem-solving, coping with anxiety, depression or trauma, drug and alcohol use, and/or making responsible choices in school, home, and work.  

Every young adult transition program is different based on the level of support your adolescent needs. At Equinox Counseling & Wellness Center, we’ve created a structured program that assists a wide-array of young adults yearning for freedom but needing the support of a therapeutic team to get there. Our program provides:

Individual and Group Therapy

Individual and group therapy is important for young adults who have anxiety, depression, experienced trauma, or need to maintain sobriety. Combining therapeutic support with everyday life , we can begin to see incredible growth with your child.

Milieu Programming

Young adults that need additional support may struggle holding a job or developing healthy relationships. Our milieu is a welcoming therapeutic space where young adults can learn and practice social and life skills through mentorship and guidance.  We provide academic, vocational, and independent living support so young adults can form deep, meaningful relationships both professionally and personally.

School and/or Work Support

Just because your child isn’t ready for the traditional path to adulthood, doesn’t mean they can’t take steps to a college education or a professional career. Incorporating college classes or a part time job into your child’s schedule can build autonomy and keep them on track to independent living and adulthood.

Independent Supported Living

We encourage a college-like experience as young adults room together in housing just a few blocks from our center. Equinox staff supports adolescents in finding an apartment, signing a lease, and checking in to make sure they are living a sober and healthy lifestyle.

How Do I Choose The Right Program?


A quick Google search will show dozens of programs that span coast to coast offering an alternative path to success for young adults. It can be overwhelming for any parent to decide. At Equinox Counseling & Wellness Center, we encourage you to consider these 6 things:

1. Location

Being on the coast of California can sound exciting for any adolescent but can the stir of a city with over 8 million people provide too many distractions? A quiet and remote program in Utah can offer solitude for a young adult but will it be overwhelming transitioning to a larger city after the program ends? Openly talk to your adolescent about the advantages and disadvantages and how the location of a transition program can support their success. Equinox Counseling & Wellness Center provides a happy-medium for young adults as it is located in Denver, CO. It is easy to escape and recharge in the Rocky Mountains just a short drive from our offices. And while Denver is a growing city, it’s easy to run into people you know at the grocery store or in one of our beautiful city parks.

2. Safety

Whether sending your adolescent off to college or to a young adult transition program, safety should be the number one priority. We help adolescents find housing next to our offices in the historic, Cherry Creek neighborhood. Many families reside in this area because of the low crime and secure housing options. Cherry Creek is one of the safest neighborhoods in Denver.

3. Proximity

A young adult transition program should be located in an area where there are plenty of employment and school options as well as places for adolescents to enjoy downtime. Equinox Counseling & Wellness Center is centrally located in the heart of Denver. The Cherry Creek trail is just a few blocks from our center making it easy for young adults to incorporate healthy activities into their lifestyle by biking or walking to work, school, or social events.

4. Quality Universities

While attending a young adult program, many adolescents incorporate college classes into their schedule. The amount of quality universities can vary depending on the young adult program your adolescent and you decide on. Denver has some of the top universities at their fingertips. University of Denver is ranked 87th in National Universities and University of Colorado - Boulder is right behind at 90. And there is an abundance of community colleges if a 4-year degree isn’t right for your emerging young adult.

5. Flexibility 

Every child’s path to success is different so creating a plan that fits your young adult’s needs should be a top priority. Many transition programs offer mentorship with a very loose schedule. Too much downtime for adolescents with social and emotional deficits can set them up for failure. A structured environment is important for any young adult struggling with independent living but programs should be flexible in their approach. Talk to your adolescent about how they envision their success so together, you can find a program best suited for them.  

6. Connection

It’s hard to truly understand the environment of a young adult transition program until you decide to pick up the phone and call. When you and your adolescent start calling your list of top programs, make sure you feel a sense of warmth and connection. Not only should the program have a highly educated and well trained staff, they should also be passionate about their work and improving the lives of others.


Our Way

Equinox Counseling & Wellness Center works hard to create lasting change for young adults as they transition to adulthood and independence. We are passionate about not only young adults but also providing freedom and autonomy for parents. Our young adult transition program provides healing and growth in the heart of Colorado. Less than an hour away, adolescents can experience tranquility in the Rocky Mountains. They can enjoy the excitement of the Denver metro without the fear of being unsafe. Our team of professionals work with each family to create a pathway to success that makes the most sense for your emerging young adult.

We are excited to open enrollment into our young adult transition program. We encourage parents of adolescents aged 17-26 to call our bright and welcoming staff. Not every child’s path to success is traditional and we are here to support all paths.

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