In order to be sustainable, treatment has to be all-encompassing. At Equinox Counseling & Wellness Center, we treat the whole individual—and their family. Because we know that’s the best way to create long-term change and allow individuals to thrive. In order to do that, we decompartmentalize three environments in the treatment process: home, school, and therapy.

We call it our Treatment Trifecta™.

It’s unproductive to separate these areas and have your child, for example, meet with a therapist who is never able to communicate with their teachers about what’s happening at school or provide specific parent coaching advice because of confidentiality concerns. But change can’t happen in a silo; home, school, and therapy have to work in partnership if you want meaningful results. Equinox’s approach is unique because we integrate these three areas, which means what is learned in the structured treatment environment here can more easily be translated and generalized back into home, family, and social relationships, school environments, and the community. That leads to improved outcomes for our clients and their families now and in the future.


Life is not lived in a controlled environment. Which is why everything about our treatment process and clinical program environment is designed to help youth and young adults understand, synthesize, and access new competencies from the ‘inside out.’ This ensures they are ready to manage and cope with life’s challenges and unpredictable triggers even after they move beyond Equinox.


We provide youth and young adults with intensive, individualized treatment plans in a comprehensive outpatient setting that is kind, calm, and compassionate. Our specialized treatment environment combines the best of residential treatment, wilderness therapy, and clinically proven services (like neurofeedback and art therapy) to help youth and families heal and develop functional skills. Our Treatment Trifecta™ is critical because it asks for accountability from participants while also providing transparency and communication throughout all aspects of their treatment. Each bucket works in conjunction to create a meaningful feedback loop.

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Families are meant to be together. To sustain real progress while youth and young adults are learning and changing, parents and siblings are engaged in a parallel process, resulting in family-level healing. Our one-of-a-kind parent program includes weekly family therapy, parent coaching, and parent-to-parent support; we teach parenting principles that help mothers and fathers reclaim their confidence and leadership roles; and we integrate what parents and their children are learning to provide continuity and clarity so everyone can heal and develop genuine family partnerships.



To develop healthy identities as capable students, we strategically connect the interrelated areas of social and emotional growth and academic engagement and help youth build confidence so they can experience success in school environments. How? Through peer connection, art and movement therapies, and vocational skill-building, among other evidence-based initiatives.



We treat the whole person using the most advanced clinical methods in the most innovative treatment environment. Using the best tools and modalities—such as individual, group, and family therapy and trauma-integrated care—our clients achieve mental, emotional, physical, and social wellness. Clients learn to integrate mental wellness skills into all aspects of their daily lives. We foster trust and accountability through consistency, which leads to successful outcomes.


Addressing complex mental health issues is complicated. Sustainable progress is what every parent wants. To help our patients achieve that and find purpose and healthy levels of functioning, they engage in a wide-ranging treatment process that methodically sequences their learning, prioritizes correct repetition through action-based learning (versus relying only on talk therapy), and integrates family-level growth.


By treating the whole person and the whole family in a specialized, thoughtful treatment environment, we provide the consistency that families need to thrive. In fact, 95% of our clients report improved social and emotional health, and 93% cite healthy family communication after working through Equinox’s method. Our program improves their lives holistically, effectively, and sustainably.


The mother of one of our 14-year-old client’s put it this way: "We've been in the program for just over 90 days, and I can’t say everything has changed, but I can say our lives are changing for the better…there is less chaos, drama, and frustration, and more laughter, confidence, and engagement. We have support and resources available to us that genuinely help when we are struggling and have kept us from feeling alone and like failures, feelings that dominated my emotions before Equinox. Our entire family is changing in ways that were not even imaginable to me 90 days ago."


Interested in learning more about the Treatment Trifecta? Request a consultation. Find testimonials from Equinox parents and families here.