Equinox’s milieu is a special place—a therapeutic environment in which consistent routines are maintained and predictability and trust are fostered.

The word milieu is French for “middle” and in English translation refers to “surroundings or environment.” Milieu therapy is the methodical and systematic planning of an environment for therapeutic purposes. Milieu therapy intentionally organizes the environment so that all aspects of the programmatic experience are purposefully therapeutic. It allows one to learn critical skills such as problem-solving, emotional regulation, effective coping, adaptive and social competencies, as well as, relationship skills that are then generalized to other aspects of life. Milieu therapy is a type of psychotherapy that provides boundaries for unhealthy, ineffective, and unsafe behaviors within a regulated treatment environment to ensure safety, increase the ability to learn new skills, and to encourage pro-social attitudes and actions. 

The therapeutic milieu at Equinox is a safe, calm, quiet, and compassionate environment. It is a safe place— emotionally, physically and psychologically. It’s a place of acceptance and inclusion. Therapeutic progress is made when the body and mind are “regulated”, a state that enables clients to access important thinking skills and to accurately take in information. Subsequently, Equinox’s state-of-the-art therapeutic milieu is intentionally designed to include a fitness studio, game room, study area, and kitchen. The milieu provides space opportunity for correct repetition in an environment of health where youth can connect and achieve vulnerability.

Below are 10 benefits of the Equinox milieu space:

1. The milieu is a supportive environment in which we work with our clients to provide safety and structure, while at the same time assessing each client’s relationships and behaviors.

2. The structure of the milieu is the environment in which consistent routines are maintained and an environment that fosters predictability and trust.

3. The milieu is a therapeutic community that provides a sense of civility, care, belonging, membership, and accountability.

4. The milieu provides an opportunity for youth to work with their team to take responsibility for themselves, their peers, and the community as a whole.

5. The milieu offers a safe, nurturing environment in which youth can work through their problems, seek support from peers and staff, while having the opportunity to reflect on their lives, belief systems, and the effects of their behavior.

6. The structure and boundaries within the milieu help youth address negative behavior, provides opportunity to remedy the situation through staff and peer feedback, & allows the staff to model constructive behavior.

7. The therapeutic community within the milieu provides a set of values and norms for behaviors with the expectation that community members will participate in activities, value one another as individuals, and to learn to care for themselves and their peers.

8. The milieu provides an environment that promotes self-assessment and self-monitoring on a regular basis.

9. The milieu is a therapeutic environment where youth can practice new skills, experience the benefits of correct repetition, and reassess themselves within the context of peer relationships.

10. The milieu embodies the importance of activity, transition, and process.


Family Level Healing
Family level healing is the foundation of Equinox Counseling & Wellness Center. Our unparalleled commitment to delivering clinically sophisticated programs has created a new step in the continuum of mental health care. We have taken the best components of residential treatment, wilderness therapy, and holistic milieu services—providing youth and families a safe, healing, compassionate treatment experience.

Our multi-disciplinary team of clinicians, evaluators, and parent coaches help youth, young adults, and families who are experiencing complex psychiatric, emotional, and behavioral health issues. These issues are often related to anxiety, depression, suicidality, and mood disorders in combination with Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADD/ADHD, and Executive Function Disorder. In addition, as the premier Transition and Aftercare Program, we’re passionate about delivering results to families seeking therapeutic intervention. For over 14 years, Equinox has been serving clients both regionally and nationally.

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